I am a South African developer who usually does website back-ends using Node.js as my primary programming language, however, I am looking for other programming languages to learn. On this website, you will find some information about me, the projects I have done and you can also contact me. I also have a blog here.


I have done a few projects. These are listed in the table below. My web design projects are not included as I have not made them myself, I usually use templates for my websites. Please note: Support is not given unless otherwise stated in the project's GitHub readme file.

Project Description
NdT3 Discord Bot A Discord (Chat app for gamers) bot with moderation features. My first open source project.
Node.JS Web Server Proxy This is just simple code to give people an idea for how to run a web server with multiple domains using a proxy made with Node.JS. Not intended for production
Node.JS Random Number Between - On GitHub / On NPM A simple Node.JS module for generating random numbers between two numbers. Can generate multiple random numbers. Returns results in array
Node.JS Static File Web Server A static file web server made in Node.JS
NodeUpload NodeUpload is a Node.JS server application that lets you run your own private file upload service.

Projects not ready for use are not included.

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